www.jcp.com/sweepstakes - 2015 JCPenney Black Friday Win $10,000 Cash Sweepstakes

www.jcp.com/sweepstakes - 2015 JCPenney Black Friday Sweepstakes Win $10,000 . Merry Christmas America. Enter the JCPenney Christmas marketing promotion from J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc. for your chance to win Enter the JCPenney BlackFriday Sweepstakes at jcp.com/sweepstakes by Nov. 30 for a chance to win one of ten $10,000 cash grand prizes. JCPenney Black Friday Ad 2015. The giveaway promotion ends on December 1st, 2015 after Thanksgiving Holiday. How it works: To enter the jcp.com/sweepstakes you must visit a JCPenney store. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: During the Promotion Period, Entrants who visit their local J.C. Penney's (to find a participating JCPenney location go to www.jcpenney.com) will receive an Invitation (each containing a unique code) to enter the Sweepstakes (enter Sweepstakes at www.jcpenney.com/sweepstakes). Entrant will be instructed to follow the on-screen instructions on the site to complete the official registration and enter their Unique Code ("Code") found on their Invitation.

Once you get this code visit jcp/sweepstakes website and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the form so you can be eligible for the contest drawing. Once again JC Penney surprises us with a great Christmas Giveaway to enter. Who knows, your little button could be a big winner. Just flip it to know it. But you need a button! Visit your JCP Store today. See official website for rules and prizes details. 

PRIZE: Ten (10) Grand Prizes: a $10,000 check to be made payable directly to Winner. Retail Value ("RV") is $10,000. Total Retail Value of all Prizes is: $100,000.

Cash and Travel Sweepstakes are so popular in the community. I don't know if it's the winter season approaching and the cold weather that leaves us with a taste of hot and beautiful sandy beaches. A lot of  my visitors are seeking for this kind of contest to enter. What about trying to win one! If you are interested to enter other travel promotion please visit our popular post section. We have a few of them and also some cash sweeps to enter. Good luck and wish you a very special happy Christmas...

Entry:  www.jcp.com/sweepstakes


  1. Altough the deadline to receive buttons should have been Dec. 24, some people got buttons on last days and with hustle and bustle of holiday, did not have an opportunity to check them until afterwards. Redemptions should gave been untl 29th maybe.

  2. Iwas not able to check my buttons. I Hope Its not too late.

  3. I dont know about you, but I won two $10 certificates and only one came in my email so now I have just $10 instead of $20. That isn't alright with me. Why is it alright with everyone else who didn't get the certificates they won.

  4. entered a number and never did receive notification as whether it was a winner or not.

  5. I entered 31 button codes at 2 a day ,and I do not know if any were winners or not. how do you know and how can one find out? Sandra O,Malley

  6. I entered 2 a day from the first day it started to the last day and found the original notification in my junk e-mail but once I identified it as not junk they all came to my inbox so if you did not get the notification my best guess is that it was lost in your junk mail. I endede up winning about $200.00 worth of certificates in denominations of $5.00 and $10.00 and used them all on small stuff for my kids and grand daughters (socks, gloves, toys, tee shirts for the older ones and all kinds of clothes for the little ones) It really helped this holiday season as I was short on cash.

    Throughout this promotion the clerks at the store were so rude when you asked for the buttons but on the last day when I could only enter 2 they were giving me a handfull. I also ran into a problem where about 25% of the codes I entered it said had already been used so i ahve to wonder ifthe employee's were taking them home and using them then bringing them back tot he store.