About Verizon Wireless Company

There are heaps of interesting facts about Verizon Company (www verizon com)! So it’s hard to decide where to start from. Today, Verizon Wireless is operating as the largest and most dependable wireless voice and 3G network of the nation. This company is headquartered at the heart of Basking Ridge of N.J. Today, Verizon Wireless operates as a prominent joint venture of the Verizon Communications and Vodafone. This company is now a leading operator among wireless voice or data services. Here’s more on the achievements of this company -

* First of all, this company created history by building the first even wide-area wireless broadband network of the nation.
* It delivered the first ever wireless 3G multimedia service in the US
* And it initiated the most wide-ranging mobile music service

Now, let’s loot at a few statistics of this company. The wireless phone consumers of this company amount to over 90 million, today. What the US government appreciates most about Verizon company is that, it contributes much to the national job sector by employing over 80,000 employees.

While its annual revenue is over $62 billion, this company now maintains more than 2000 stores and kiosks. Verizon always have been the forerunner of the cutting edge Digital Network Technology and excelled heavily with Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA.

It involves Data Services based on Mobile Broadband as well as NationalAccess. These technological breakthroughs lets this company keep its consumers stay connected from coast to coast through laptops, smartphones as well as other devices. Verizon Communications is not the global leader among broadband, wireless and wireline communications services providers who operate to serve the mass market and businesses. Additionally, Verizon - verizoncom is equally prominent for serving government as well as wholesale customers.

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