about Martha Stewart Living

There is very few people in the World today that do not know about Martha Stewart Living - www.marthastewart.com. If one does not know the television show, then they certainly know about the magazine of the same name. Martha Stewart is a celebrity that is knows a thing or two about the best recipes, home and life improvement tips and ideas that do not have to cost much but are well worth it.

The first thing about Martha Stewart Living that people know is the television show. It usually has a number of celebrity guests come through and help her to create some mouthwatering dishes, hold interviews and so on. The show ran up to 2004 when Stewart had pending legal problems which were ironed out and she returned with a bang to a new show known as simply Martha.

In 1990, Time Inc. was the umbrella under which the magazine of the same name came to be. It was released every 3 months until 1997 when Martha decided to take over the magazine and publish it under her new company known as Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. The great thing about Martha Stewart Living magazine is the number of recipes and home ideas that were relevant to the common citizen, something that shot her into worldwide fame. Her company is listed in the NYSE, owns a radio and television shows, releases DVDs and are also part of a large merchandising business. It spurns revenues of about $284 million annually, making Martha Stewart an icon in her own right.

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