Surveys Marketing Strategy

The surveys marketing strategy have been is use from time immemorial to help in collection of different kinds of information. In the past, the surveys were conducted in form of paper and pen but currently application of computers and internet has made them more popular. The surveys are essential when making marketing strategies and plans. The following are some pros and cons of online surveys.

Online surveys marketing offer fast and cost effective method of gathering clients’ requirements. The cost that is incurred in collecting the responses of clients online is less as opposed to the amount required in phone and print surveys. The responses also start coming in from customers across the globe a few minutes after posting the survey online. Studies show that the amount of participant increase when you have incentive compensation like an amount of money given if you complete the survey or sometime you will find sweepstakes to win.

The online surveys also acquire several respondents. The traditional surveys can only be circulated in the local area hence only few people will respond to the questions. Online surveys have advantage of reaching people across the globe thereby more people will get to fill the survey. Besides, filling content is more convenient online than when using traditional means.

Online responses offer privacy and openness unlike the traditional survey where respondents may shy off answering on private and confidential matters. Online respondents are confident of answering any kind of topic since their privacy is guaranteed as opposed to traditional survey where you request our neighbor to expose their confidentiality to you.

The cons of this method comes in the fact that technical difficulties such as system breakdowns, computer logs and power down can result to destruction of the respondent or loss of data, etc that can make the respondent lose interest in completing the survey.

The survey may have confusing prompts and error messages that may make using them hard. The process of developing and debugging them to make user friendly requires advanced skills.

Lastly, there are chances of multiple data entry that may make statistics inaccurate. Before you decide whether this is the best way to develop your business, ensure to weigh the pros and cons of online surveys marketing.

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