Rules about consumers survey sweepstakes

Generally information about consumer’s survey sweepstakes is discussed here under. The winners will have to sign a sworn affidavit accepting to the terms and conditions in order to be eligible for the prize money. The winner notification will be sent to the individuals within 7 days after the draw is over. The draw is held in front of the sponsor’s supervisor in a public place. There cannot be any change from the date already announced during the sweepstakes announcement for judgment or draw. Exactly on the same date in the same venue, the draw happens in front of the public audience and the winners are selection in the draw and announced then and there.

If you receive the winner award notification and do not respond all until seven days even after the notification, then you would naturally forfeit the award. There will be another draw conducted to select one more winner for the same prize money. The date and venue will then be announced by the sponsors or published in the newspapers. Email notifications are sent to the members along with posts directly to the addresses given during the entry. It is why you should take adequate care in reading the instructions very carefully about all the rules and regulations and also give the exactly right details to the conductors while filling up the entries.

The entries should not be maximized by trying to find short cut routes. It would end up in disqualifying your entries altogether. The applicant should be authorized US citizen to enter into sweepstakes. Age limit to enter into sweepstakes are usually mentioned in the specific announcements. All pertaining details about consumer’s survey sweepstakes will be given in detail for you to note down with care. Some have 18 years as eligibility criterion while some others insist upon 21 years as minimum requirement to enter into the sweepstakes.

Moreover, the relatives, employees, kith and kin of the sponsor’s would forfeit the rights to enter into the sweepstakes naturally as per the rules of the federal law about consumers survey sweepstakes. Hence, any such entrants would naturally be suspended and their entries are not entertained as participants in the sweepstakes. If you would like to know more about consumer’s survey sweepstakes, then it is better to read the specific announcement carefully before starting to fill up your entry. More number of entries will increase the possibility of you earning more wins.

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