Why So Many Companies Sponsor Online Giveaways?

When you spend time on the internet, you're going to see a lot of online giveaways. This isn't surprising when a big companies like Publishers Clearing House (PCH), Walmart or DollarGeneral are doing the giveaway, but it can be pretty shocking when the giveaway is done by a smaller company or even a small blog or website. You may wonder what the benefits of these giveaways are. Sometimes the prizes are incredibly impressive. How can companies afford to give away these things, especially if they're smaller. Is it all a scam? Or is it all legit? In most cases, it is legit. Here's how it works. 

Giveaways hosted by smaller companies are usually giving away something that they didn't pay for themselves. Instead, companies donate items to them to use in contests. Companies do this because it's lots of free publicity. Plenty of people out there are influenced by the things online personalities say. If the company is larger, or if they're giving away their own products, you may wonder what they're getting out of it. While they're getting publicity, that isn't going to be the main attraction for them. What they really get out of this giveaway is lots and lots of information.

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In order to enter a giveaway, you have to reveal lots of information. You have to provide an email address, your home address, and a phone number. Normally, that would be information you might be reluctant to give out to companies, but with a giveaway, you give it out on your own.

Getting so much information without any effort on their part is fantastic for businesses. They may have to spend money on prizes, but that's more than worth the cost. After all, they'd wind up paying far more if they asked companies to mine this information for them. Plus, they know the information they'll get is legitimate.

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