Online Contests to Win Money - Just a scam or is it something real?

Online Contests to Win Money - Who doesn't want to get rich quick? Americans, as a whole, enjoy the rush of a contest. They enjoy playing the odds. The lottery and other forms of gambling have always been a favorite American past time, but with the introduction of the Internet, the online contest to win money and lottery sites have exploded.

By merely doing a search for online to win money you can find millions of different contests to enter. You can enter an online contest to win money or just about anything these days, sky is the limit. There are thousands, if not millions, of sites promising money for free if you just register. It seems pretty harmless, doesn't it? 

When you enter onto these online contests to win money, you are entering into the thrill that you can possibly prosper from doing absolutely nothing but input your information, sometimes email, sometimes address. What are the online contests to win money sponsors gaining?

These online sponsors are gathering information about you. When you are entering these contests, you are undoubtedly not only giving them at least you email address, but in some cases they are requiring you address, phone number, and general to more specifics about your likes, your dislikes. Some even ask invasive questions about your family. 

Although it would appear that these online contests to win money are a no-brainer. It appears just for supplying a little bit of information about yourself, you are guaranteeing yourself the potential to win real cash, but is that really any guarantee? Are they just asking for harmless information? 

These online contests to win money are stealing your private information, your privacy, for the potential to win something that actually may or may not exist. The odds are usually very low to win at all. Is that really such a great thing? Is your privacy worth the narrow chance to win some free cash?

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